Sale Date: Wed 1 February


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 35 Prime Cattle and OTM’s  and 834 Prime Sheep.


Bullocks (6) sold to 255p per kg for a 587kg Limousin from Nethermyres and to £1496 per head for the same beast and purchased by Fleming Butchers, Arbroath to average 236p per kg.

Heifers (22) sold to 262p per kg for a 557 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by J.B. Penman, Crail and to £1505 per head for a 588 kg Limousin from Gask and purchased by Rennie Butchers, Forfar to average 233p per kg.

Leading Prices per kg –

Bullocks -

Lim. 240p Mill of Inverarity, 237p & 234p Nethermyres, 232p Gask, 223p Chapel of Barras.

Heifers –

Lim. 256p Gask & Nethermyres, 247p Craignathro, 244p Nethermyres, 243p South Ballo, 240p Craignathro & South Ballo, 236p Mill of Inverarity & Newton of Fotheringham, 234p West Bog; Char. 237p Craignathro, 228p Shandford.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1478 Nethermyres, £1456 Gask, £1443 Nethermyres, £1389 Mill of Inverarity, £1306 Chapel of Barras.

Heifers –

Lim. £1486 Craignathro, £1459 Nethermyres, £1448 West Bog, £1446 Newton of Fotheringham, £1416 Craignathro, £1405 Newton of Fotheringham, £1318 Millbank; Char. £1405 Craignathro, £1326 Shandford.

Cows (7)

Stabiliser £980 (112p) Kinclune; Lim. £820 (125p) Westerton, £780 (123p) Westerton.


Prime Hoggs (693) sold to a top of 217p per kilo or £94.50 for Beltex’s from C.L. Wylie & Son, Balbrydie to average 166p (up 7p on the week)

Leading Prices per kilo –

Beltex x 197p Templeton; Tex.x 195p Templeton; Texel 193p Mill of Inverarity; Cont. 187p Torrax; B.F. 165p Minard; Mule 160p Kinnordy.

Leading Prices per head –

Beltex x £93 (twice) Balbrydie; Tex.x £93 Mill of Inverarity; Tex. £91 Torrax; Cont. £89 Torrax; B.F. £73.50 Newmill of Inshewan; Mule £70 Denbrae.

Cast Ewes & Rams (141)

Tex. £87.50 Balbrydie; Suff. £87.50 Balbrydie; Suff.x £79.50 Inverdovat; Chev. £78.50 Denbrae; Belt. £77.50 Balbrydie; B.F. £48.50 Glensaugh; Mule £74 Hillocks of Rattray.