Sale Date: Wed 2 November


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward  42  Prime Cattle and Cast Cows also 807  Prime Sheep.


Bullocks (8) sold to 242p per kg (twice), firstly for a 575kg Limousin from Gask and purchased by James Ewart Ltd. and secondly for a 618kg Limousin from Nethermyres and £1495 for the same beast and purchased by Firm of W.E. Fairlie to average 2.34p per kg.

Heifers (23) sold to 248p per kg (twice), firstly for a 522kg from South Ballo and purchased by Ceres Butchers Ltd. and secondly for a 551 kg Limousin from Woodhead of Mailer and purchased by W.F. Stark, Buckhaven and to £1482 per head for a 628 kg from Gask and purchased by James Ewart Ltd. to average 229p per kg.

Leading Prices per kg. –

Bullocks –

Lim. 236p Nethermyres, 234p Woodhead of Mailer, 230p Nethermyres & Woodhead of Mailer, 222p Millbank (Udny); BRB 238p Nethermyres.

Heifers –

Lim. 245p, 242p & 238p Nethermyres, 240p Millbank, 239p & 238p Craignathro, 238p Woodhead of Mailer, 236p & 233p Gask; Sim. 206p Newbigging of Ceres.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1479 & £1435 Nethermyres, £1400 Millbank (Udny), £1391 Gask, £1327 & £1294 Woodhead of Mailer; BRB £1475 Nethermyres.

Heifers –

Lim. £1451 Gask, £1423, £1344 & £1266 Craignathro; £1366 Woodhead of Mailer, £1362 Nethermyres, £1358 Woodhead of Mailer, £1347 Millbank (Udny); Sim. £1266 Newbigging of Ceres.

Cows & OTM’s (11) Sold to 128p per kg and £1100 to average 117p per kg.

Simm. £1100 (122p) & £1095 (119p) Cairncross; Short. £750 (118p) Cairncross; A.A. £1050 (114p) & £950 (112p) Brathinch Cottage; Lim. £1025 (128p) & £960 (125p) Drimmie; Lincoln Red £895 (105p) St. Fort.


A good show of 584 Prime Lambs met a slightly easier trade on the week. Lambs sold to 225.8p or £105 for a pair of 46.5kg Beltex’s from Messrs D. Stewart & Sons, Mains of Dalrulzion to average 157p (back 3.5p on the week).

Leading Prices per kilo –

Texel 204.7p Newton of Inshewan, 190.8p Mains of Dalrulzion, 185.4p Fawsyde; Beltex 179.8p Mains of Dalrulzion; Texel x 177.1p Newbarns; Chev. 170.7p Finegand.

Leading Prices per head –

Belt. £98 & £90 Mains of Dalrulzion; Tex. £94 & £93 Mains of Dalrulzion, £89 Fawsyde, £88 Newton of Inshewan; Texel x £85 & £84 Newbarns; Belt. £81 Fawsyde.

Also forward was 223 Cast Ewes and Rams, with trade easier on the week. Top Price of the day went to the Firm of C.L. Wylie, Balbrydie for a Texel Ewe making £91.

Other Leading Prices –


Cont. £80 Balbrydie, £71 Formal; Suff. £77 Balbrydie, £75 Kirkton of Kingoldrum; Texel £74.50 Kirkton of Kingoldrum, £74 Hole O’Clean; Belt. £73 Balbrydie; H.B. £70.50 Formal & Balbrydie.

Rams –

Texel £70  Balbinny