Sale Date: Wed 2 March


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward 18  Prime Cattle, 1 Cow,  767  Prime Hoggets and 143      Cast Ewes and Rams.


Bullocks (7) sold to 248p per kg for a 608 kilo Limousin from Nethermyres selling to Flemings, Arbroath and to £1560 for a 645 kg Aberdeen Angus from the Gask selling to James Ewart Ltd. to average 2.25p per kg.

Heifers (11) sold to 258p for a 515 kg Limousin from West Bog selling to Penman, Crail and to £1478 for a 596 kg BRB from the Gask selling to James Ewart Ltd. to average 234p per kg.

Leading Prices per kilo –

Bullocks –

A.A. 242p Gask; Lim. 232p & 226p Nethermyres.

Heifers –

BRB 248p Gask; Lim. 248p West Bog, 244p & 240p Nethermyres, 232p Craignathro.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1507 & £1468 Nethermyres; A.A. £1292 Chapel of Barras.

Heifers –

Lim. £1430 Nethermyres, £1406 West Bog, £1385 Nethermyres, £1310 Craignathro.

Cows (1)

A.A. £850 (108p per kg) Dunlappie.


Prime Hoggets (767) sold to 212.2p and £104 for 49kg Texels from K. Black, Redford Smithy to Scott Bros., Dundee to average 182.4p.

SQQ’s average 192.6p

Leading Prices per kg. –

Belt. 206.2p & 204.4p Easter Balgillo; Belt.x 203.3p Balbrydie; Cont. 202p Torrax; Tex. 200p Hatton of Cargill; Tex.x 199p Leoch; Suff. 195.3p Hatton of Cargill; Suff. x 193.8p Nether Migvie; Down 191.1p Nether Migvie; Chev. 191p Auchronie; Chev.x 189.6p Auchronie; Cross 181.9p Mains of Haulkerton; B.F. 181.9p Glensaugh.

Leading Prices per head –

Belt. £100 (twice) Easter Balgillo; Belt.x £99.50 Torrax; Cont. £99 Heatherstacks & Torrax; Chev. £99 Easter Balgillo; Tex.x £98 Newmill of Inshewan & Tamsacre; Suff. £98 Newmill of Inshewan & Balchrystie; Tex.x £98 Tamsacre; Suff.x £96.50 Nether Migvie; Down £96 Heatherstacks; Chev. x £96.50 Auchronie & Easter Balgillo; Cross £89 Drumyellow; B.F. £78 Glensaugh.

Cast Ewes & Rams (143)

Ewes –

Tex. £100 Easter Balgillo; Tex.x £97 & £95 Easter Balgillo; Suff. £93 North Mains of Baldovan; Cont. £92 Wairds of Alpity; Belt. £84 & £82 Easter Balgillo; Suff.x £80 North Mains of Baldovan; Chev. £73 Easter Balgillo; Cross £72 Bowden House; B.F. £44 Glensaugh.

Rams –

Tex. £86 Glensaugh; Tex.x £81 Bowden House