Sale Date: Wed 3 February


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward  22 Prime Cattle, 1 Young Bull and 8 Cows, 869 Prime Hoggets and 67  Cast Ewes and Rams.


Bullocks (6) sold to 244p per kilo for a 587 kilo Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by the Firm of W.E. Fairlie, Letham and to £1500 for a 636 kg Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by J. Chapman (Butchers) Ltd., Wishaw to average 236.2p per kilo.

Heifers (15) sold to 244p per kilo for a 537kilo Limousin from Nethermyres and purchased by Watt Butchers, Forfar and to £1504 per head for a 627 kilo Charolais from Woodhead of Mailer and purchased by James Ewart Ltd. to average 230.6p per kilo.

Leading Prices per kilo –

Bullocks –

Lim. 242p Woodhead of Mailer, 238p & 236p Nethermyres; Lim.x 232p Craignathro.

Heifers –

Lim. 242p Craignathro, 242p Nethermyres, 240p Gask; Char.x 240p Woodhead of Mailer; 226p Shandford.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1492 & £1432 Nethermyres; £1398 Craignathro.

Heifers –

Lim. £1384 Mains of Melgund; £1381 Craignathro; Char. x £1317 Shandford.

Young Bull (1)

A.A. £1210 (181p per kilo) Wolflaw.

Cows (8)

Sold to 120p per kilo for a Lim.X from Meikle Tullo and to £710 for a Limousin from Afflochie.

Lim. £680 Meikle Tullo, £600 Afflochie; Sim. X £550 Chamberlainknowe.


Prime Hoggets (869) sold to 202p for 49.5kg Beltex’s from Messrs Bruce Findlay, Easter Balgillo to Scott Bros., Dundee and to £101 (twice) for 56kg Texels from J. Buchan, Torrax to James Ewart Ltd., Monifieth and for 55.5kg Beltex’s from Messrs Bruce Findlay, Easter Balgillo to J. Chapman (Butchers) Ltd. to average 183.9p

SQQ Hoggets averaged 192.3p.

Leading Prices per kg.-

Tex. 200p Walnut Grove; Tex.x  198p Torrax; Belt. 197.7p Balbrydie; Belt.x 195.1p Balbrydie; Cont. 197.7p Bogincaber, Walnut Grove; Suff. 197.8p Bogincaber; Suff.x 190.3p Bogincaber; Down 188p Hatton of Cargill; Cross 176.3p West Mains of Kingoldrum; B.F. 180.8p Glensaugh.

Leading Prices per head –

Tex. £100 Torrax; Tex. x £99 Mains of Melgund; Belt. £100 Easter Balgillo; Belt.x £99 Easter Balgillo; Cont. £100 Gibsonhall Farm; Suff. £99 Torrax; Suff.x £98 Torrax; Down £94.50 Henderston Farms; Cross £85 Henderston Farms; B.F. £80 Meikle Coull Cott.

Cast Ewes & Rams (67)

Ewes –

Suff. £98 Balbrydie; Cont. £90 Hillhead of Careston; Tex. £88 Balconnel; Tex.x £82 Middle Drimmie; Suff.x £82 Middle Drimmie; Cross £75 Middle Drimmie; B.F. £56 Glensaugh.

Rams –

Tex. £82 Meikle Tullo; Tex.x £80 Torrax; Char. £78 Glensaugh.