Sale Date: Wed 13 January


Lawrie & Symington, Forfar had forward  17  Prime Cattle, 4 Cows,  772 Prime Hoggets and 139 Cast Ewes and Rams.


Bullocks (8) sold to 240p and £1557.60 for a 649 kg from Messrs A.A. & J. Brand, Nethermyres to Falconer Family Butchers, Arbroath to average 225.8p.

Heifers (9) sold to 240p for a 562kg Limousin from Messrs A.A. & J. Brand, Nethermyres  to J.B. Penman Butchers, Crail and £1416.36 for a 638kg Limousin from J.A. Peters & Son, West Bog to Flemings, Arbroath to average 218.4p.

Leading Prices per kg. –

Bullocks –

Lim. 232p & 230p Nethermyers; Lim.x 226p Gask; BRB 222p Todhall; Cont. 220p Gask.

Heifers –

Lim. 234p Nethermyres; Lim.x 222p West Bog; Cont. 218p Mill of Inverarity and Craignathro Farms Ltd.; Cont. x 216p Craignathro.

Leading Prices per head –

Bullocks –

Lim. £1510.32 and £1481.20 Nethermyres; Lim. x £1475.78 Gask; BRB £1434.12 Todhall; BRB £1409.70 Todhall.

Heifers –

Lim. £1353.78 Craignathro Farms; Lim. x £1348.80 Nethermyres; Cont. £1289.05 Crieff Farm; Cont. x £1287 Nethermyres.

Cast Cows (4)

Lim.x £705 Turfbeg; Linc. Red £665 St. Fort H.F.


Prime Hoggets (772) sold to 198.8p for 42kg Texels from Messrs A. Barr & Son, Hallhill to Fleming, Arbroath and to £99 for 51kg Beltex’s from Messrs H. Shanks & Co., Easter Cash to average 173.4p.

SQQ’s averaged 181.6p

Leading Prices per kg.-

Tex. 195.8p Hallhill; Belt. 195.5p Torrax; Belt.x 195.3p Easter Cash; Cont. 194.1p Easter Cash; Tex.x 190.9p Hallhill; Suff. 184.1p Easter Cash; Suff.x 176.9p Newton Farm; Down 173.3p Balchrystie; B.F. 162.2p Drumyellow.

Leading Prices per head –

Tex. £98 Torrax; Tex.x £95 Torrax; Cont. £94 Hallhill; Belt. £86 Torrax; Belt.x £84 Easter Cash; Suff. £81 Easter Cash & Pityot; Suff.x £78 Balchrystie; Down £77 Cairnleith; B.F. £60 Drumyellow.

Cast Ewes & Rams (139)

Ewes -

Tex. £90 Incheoch; Tex.x £85 Incheoch; Suff. £82 Balnagarrow; Cont. £80 Purgavie; Cross £72 Crudie Acres; Belt. £70 Cairnleith.

Rams –

Tex. £86 Denbrae; Belt. £70 Cairnleith