Wed 11 April [Grass Park Lets 2018]

Grass Park Lets 2018

Date: Wednesday 11 April

We are now proceeding to prepare our fixture list for Annual Grass Park Lets 2018, we would be obliged of early notification of any grass to let this year.

 Please specify if your grass is to be let with or without entitlement and give full details on the page below and return to us at your earliest convenience along with a map highlighting the area to be let and its location in relation to farm buildings/main road, etc.

 If you currently have cattle on the same holding you are letting grass from we do not want to jeopardise your own BVD Status, therefore only animals from a ‘negative’ herd status would be allowed to graze your let.

 For Basic Payment Scheme and all other eligible subsidy scheme purposes the period of let will be from the date of the sale (11th April) until the 12th May and the 19th May until the 11th November – however no livestock will have to be removed between the 12th and 19th of May.

 All fields are half payable on the day of the sale with the remaining balance on the 1st August 2018.

All fields to be let until the 11th November 2018.



2 Enclosures at Wester Balgarvie, Cupar

No Fertiliser has been applied by the seller

Both Fields to be let for Silage or Grazing (Cattle or Sheep)

The Seller is claiming the Entitlement on Both Enclosures

Policy House Fld   22.5 Acres                    Permanent Pasture                   

Located At Hill Of Tarvit Mansion House, Cupar

Fld 2                       3 Acres                         Permanent Pasture

Located At Wester Balgarvie Farm, Cupar – Electric fence round the perimeter


1 Enclosure at Aucharroch, Kingoldrum

250kg/ha 24.4.4 Fertiliser has been applied by the Seller

Field to be let for Cattle or Sheep and can be cut once for Silage

The Seller is claiming the Entitlement

Field No. 2             32.0 Acres                     2nd Year Grass

Located North of Aucharroch Farm (Not as previously advertsied)


If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

 Tel: 01307 462651


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